Heavy duty teardrop pallet rack manufacturer

Gulf Shelving Teardrop pallet rack systems allow access to every pallet. This teardrop style pallet rack design is economical, efficient and adaptable in application, due to quick assembly and adjustment without tools, and an affordable purchase price.

Heavy duty teardrop pallet rack are widely used in manufacturing, warehousing and electricity providers, third-party logistics and distribution centers, etc, applies to both many varieties of small quantities of goods, but also for few varieties large quantities of goods.

teardrop style pallet rack frames and load beams are designed and manufacturered to RMI specifications. Frames could be with standard or seismic base plate. It makes the cost most effectively.

Teardrop Racking System bolted upright frame:Teardrop-001

Depth Height Specs capacity Color
36″ 96″ 3″x3″x16ga 12980lbs Green/Blue
36″ 144″ 3″x3″x16ga 12980lbs Green/Blue
36″ 192″ 3″x3″x14ga 21780lbs Green/Blue
36″ 240″ 3″x3″x14ga 21780lbs Green/Blue
42″ 96″ 3″x3″x16ga 12980lbs Green/Blue
42″ 144″ 3″x3″x16ga 12980lbs Green/Blue
42″ 192″ 3″x3″x14ga 21780lbs Green/Blue
42″ 240″ 3″x3″x13ga 21780lbs Green/Blue
42″ 288″ 3″x3″x13ga 21780lbs Green/Blue
48″ 144″ 3″x3″x16ga 12980lbs Green/Blue
48″ 192″ 3″x3″x14ga 21780lbs Green/Blue
48″ 240″ 3″x3″x13ga 27280lbs Green/Blue
48″ 288″ 3″x3″x13ga 27280lbs Green/Blue

Teardrop pallet rack load beam:


Beam length Specs Capacity Color
L=96″ 3.5″x16ga. 3pins 2800lbs Orange
L=96″ 4″x16ga. 3pins 4000lbs Orange
L=96″ 4″x14″ga.3pins 5000lbs Orange
L=96″ 4.5″x16″ga.3pins 5400lbs Orange
L=96″ 5″x16″ga.3pins 6350lbs Orange
L=108″ 4.5″x16″ga.3pins 4000lbs Orange
L=108″ 5″x16″ga.3pins 5000lbs Orange
L120″ 5″x16″ga.3pins 4200lbs Orange
L144″ 6″x15″ga.4pins 5400lbs Orange
L144″ 6″x14″ga.4pins 6000lbs Orange

Teardrop Racking System Process:


Teardrop Pallet Rack Packaging & Shipping