About Us

ProGulf Shelving Pvt Ltd., is the one of leading supplier and exporter of Warehousing Racking Systems, Shelving Systems, Storage Accessories and Logistics Equipment’s, integrator with India and China PRC, our sales network has spread all over the world, including Gulf and Middle East, Australia North America, South America, Europe and Asian sub continentals etc.

Established since 2012, ProGulf Shelving Pvt Ltd’s Racking and storage systems through their own source advantage and powerful strength, building strategic alliances with Forklift, Pallet, Wire Mesh Decking, Tool Cabinet and other Logistic Equipment enterprises of India’s leading suppliers and exporters. It makes the production line of ProGulf Shelving Pvt Ltd’s Warehousing Racking Systems, Shelving Systems, Storage Accessories and Logistics Equipment’s available in all varieties with us, Our clients can purchasing equipment in one step, with cheap price, high quality, and satisfactory service.

We are passionately driven with grounding in various projects and terminal projects with the precision engineering to consistently deliver the quality products and perfect solutions. We are equipped to produce, stock and ship to clients and franchisees across globally.

ProGulf Shelving Pvt Ltd’s offering free technical support with end to end solutions and after-sale service with our professional design team, we have years of experience to provide the best products and solutions to our customers.

ProGulf Shelving Pvt Ltd’s design the framework according to the clients need and space accessible and created at all levels in different ventures and parts be it Automobile, Pharmaceutical, Engineering, Hospitality and Catering, Logistics, Supermarkets, Electronics, Retail, Food and Beverages, Agriculture and Seafood etc.

As we are moving forward with our aim for client’s cooperation and satisfaction.

Thanks for your business.