Work Culture

Work Culture:  

ProGulf Shelving is the leading supplier and exporter in the industrial storage sector and its trademark include innovation, excellence, and quality service. 

 Based on Innovation, excellence, and quality service. Their work is not limited to the design and manufacture of the most suitable storage solutions for their clients. 

 The company offers a wide range of high-quality solutions to the industry, the result of continuous technological development carried out at a completely automated production plant. A specialized service that covers all the installation phases is also included. 

 Codes of Conduct for ProGulf Shelving: 

Honor the commitment
Provide excellent service
Sincere cooperation
Seek win-win cooperation
Stable operation
Improve the enterprise valuation continually
Precise management
Allocate resources scientifically
Cherish employee
Realize their talents Contribute to society
To be a responsible enterprise citizen
Happy work
Happy life