ProGulf Shelving is a worthy helping hand when it comes to planning a system that addresses today’s needs, as well as scales up for tomorrow’s growth opportunities. They are deeply involved in the operational layout planning, to gain a better understanding of goods flow and time study of peak activity. The specialized layout designs allow for installation of high-density small parts storage system to deliver on the capacity required for large operations while reducing the required floor space and our serving industries and solutions are well accepted by:  

  1. Auto-mobiles. 
  2. E-Commerce’s 
  3. Lean manufacturing.  
  4. Pharmaceutical.  
  5. Real Estate.  
  6. Drinks and Foods.  
  7. Sea food.  
  8. Retail Sector.  
  9. Education etc. 

For Automobiles industries and workshop, you must hold a wide range of spares while ensuring everything is stored safely and efficiently, yet easily accessible. Our experience, knowledge and variety of products can create a solution that fully supports your business! 

Some of the Automotive industry challenges are to effectively manage large SKUs, variation and breadth of stock – from small parts to body panels, tires to windshields, batteries, silencer and workshop equipment to dangerous liquids – all with different levels of stock turnover.

Balancing between the storage of spare parts and providing adequate repair space, can be difficult. We understand you need storage solutions that guarantee the speed, flexibility and security of every component you supply. 

Our wide range of solutions helps exploit the available space to the fullest, providing support for your operations whilst meeting customer demands: 

  • Storage for all your awkward and odd shaped parts 
  • Dense storage for differently-sized articles 
  • Multi-tier storage available to maximize space 
  • Secure and efficient storage for all your tools 

Our shelving range can be tailored to meet even the most unusual storage requirements. Equipped with our specially-designed Automotive accessories, our solutions can meet the daily challenges faced by manufacturers and component suppliers, and include: 

  • improving component picking efficiency by over 60% and saving up to 70% of existing floor space 
  • maximizing the height, width and depth of a storage area, and suitable for storing heavy or bulky items requiring the usage of a forklift for picking 
  • Mobile pallet racking to considerably increase storage capacity and Pallet Racking mounted on mobile bases that move electronically to create an access aisle for picking 

ProGulf Shelving’s provide to e-commerce Retail warehouses are experiencing a studied conversion in their setup with accelerated cycles, multi-channel fulfilment and storage density requirement that is ever growingConsidered by large volumes of SKUs that pass through the logistics at break-neck speed, retailers are dependent on its warehouse storage strategy to make or break their business.

We understand the unique challenges of retail warehouse storage and address the changing market dynamics. Given the industry-wide drive to reduce inventory levels, we delicately balance the need to ensure non-stop product flow without demanding excess buffer storage.

The e-commerce sector grows rapidly year on year. If you operate a business in this sector, then you know how crucial it is to offer short delivery times, have a low error rate and provide excellent service levels without exception. 

Simple, streamlined ordering procedures, effective return routines, and a consistent and well-functioning logistics system, are all essential for success. 

Our solutions can easily adjust to volume and stock changes, whilst ensuring quick access to keep up with the fast market place. 

We designed the Shelving range can be designed and constructed to exactly meet the challenges you face in a hand-picking operation, with the ability to adjust and expand as your business grows. 

From single-tier solutions, to mobile and multi-tier options, additional flexibility lets you get the most from your investment and make it work for you. 

We provide the well-ordered and efficient storage of small parts to keep your stock rotated correctly, a picking station with roller tracks allows for the transportation of cartons to the assembly station – without the need for manual intervention or automation. 

  • Enables loading at the rear and unloading at the front 
  • Operates using a FIFO (First-In, First-Out) picking method 
  • Suitable for transfer of cartons and picking of pallets 

Towards your heavier load, there can often be several different solutions within a single warehouse, reflecting various picking and storage requirements. 

its is the traditional warehouse storage method – yet the design can significantly improve stock-rotation, ease of access, and how your stock is picked. 

  • Wide Aisle Pallet Racking – unrestricted access to all pallets and suitable for all types of storage needs, with no significant restrictions to pallet size or dimensions 
  • Drive-In or Pallet Shuttle – ideal if you’re storing large quantities of the same type of goods 
  • Pallet Flow – ideal for stock-rotation challenges, a gravity-fed roller system that moves pallets to the front face, without automation 
  • Mobile Pallet Racking – racks move along floor rails to create the required picking aisle; saving up to 40% of the space needed by wide-aisle pallet racking 

The need for well-organized storage solutions is a common challenge, whether manufacturing in the Pharmaceutical, Engineering, Electrical, Automotive, Clothing or Food industry. There is common challenges for our Manufacturing customers are as: 

working in this industry, the need for well-organized storage solutions is a daily challenge. The overall aim to improve ergonomics and work flow, maintain optimal productivity stages, and have a well-organized environment for each processing stage. 

Since manufacturing activity is often a multi-stage process, storage problems rarely have a single solution. Different stages of the process may require different storage methods, which combined, create a well-organized operation. 

ProGulf Shelving’s can help you regulate the storage technique maximum appropriate for your storage space. 

We offer for palletized goods Pallet Racking,pallet Shuttle or Drive-InStatic or Mobile Pallet RackingExtensive accessories range as well as minor goods and desires goods or odd-shaped goods. 

Finished Goods Storage 

The packaging, storage and dispatch of manufactured items are the final challenges in the manufacturing process. Is it a direct dispatch to a customer or made for stock? Depending on the dimensions and weight along with any shelf life issues, we can help you determine the storage method most suited for your requirements. 

Our Value Proposition:
 Reduced inventory levels
 Better pick efficiencies
 Improved stock control
 Higher storage density