Heavy duty teardrop pallet racking warehouse storage system

Gulf Shelving’s Teardrop racking system designed to store materials on pallets in rows and levels. And teardrop pallet racking is popular due to its slide-in teardrop shaped punched hole design, which is used to lock the horizontal beams to the vertical uprights for quick and easy assembly.

Teardrop pallet racking is one of the most popular pallet racking on the market. Its a great solution for increasing storage, improving efficiency or adding on to existing structures.roll-formed teardrop style pallet rack have been designed and manufactured based on RMI guidelines.  Its adjustable at 2″ intervals and compitable to most of the other teardrop racking system in the racking industry.


Features & Advantages

Supply both bolted uprights and welded uprights With standard and seizmic base plates Suitable to any product volume, weight or size Economical installation Immediate access to every pallet load Compatible with other teardrop pallet rack

  • Pallets can be located, accessed and moved individually.
  • Rapid handling almost all types of palletized goods.
  • Fully utilizes vertical space.
  • The loading capacity per level of such rack may reach 5000kg.
  • Strength and rigidity prevents compression damage to goods.
  • Bottom level of pallets can be stored on the floor, lowering structure costs.
  • Durable powder coated finish, clean appearance, fire proof.
  • Height of level can be adjusted by 75mm or 76.2mm(optional).
  • Beams including Box welded beams and Step beams.

teardrop pallet racking-08 teardrop pallet racking-07

Product Specifications:

Teardrop pallet rack bolted upright frame:

Depth Height Specs capacity Color
36″ 96″ 3″x3″x16ga 12980lbs Green/Blue
36″ 144″ 3″x3″x16ga 12980lbs Green/Blue
36″ 192″ 3″x3″x14ga 21780lbs Green/Blue
36″ 240″ 3″x3″x14ga 21780lbs Green/Blue
42″ 96″ 3″x3″x16ga 12980lbs Green/Blue
42″ 144″ 3″x3″x16ga 12980lbs Green/Blue
42″ 192″ 3″x3″x14ga 21780lbs Green/Blue
42″ 240″ 3″x3″x13ga 21780lbs Green/Blue
42″ 288″ 3″x3″x13ga 21780lbs Green/Blue
48″ 144″ 3″x3″x16ga 12980lbs Green/Blue
48″ 192″ 3″x3″x14ga 21780lbs Green/Blue
48″ 240″ 3″x3″x13ga 27280lbs Green/Blue
48″ 288″ 3″x3″x13ga 27280lbs Green/Blue

Teardrop pallet rack load beam:

Beam length Specs Capacity Color
L=96″ 3.5″x16ga. 3pins 2800lbs Orange
L=96″ 4″x16ga. 3pins 4000lbs Orange
L=96″ 4″x14″ga.3pins 5000lbs Orange
L=96″ 4.5″x16″ga.3pins 5400lbs Orange
L=96″ 5″x16″ga.3pins 6350lbs Orange
L=108″ 4.5″x16″ga.3pins 4000lbs Orange
L=108″ 5″x16″ga.3pins 5000lbs Orange
L120″ 5″x16″ga.3pins 4200lbs Orange
L144″ 6″x15″ga.3pins 5400lbs Orange
L144″ 6″x14″ga.3pins 6000lbs Orange

Packaging & Shipping:

Gulf Shelving pays great attention to export package, aiming at protecting our goods from being damaged during transportation, loading or unloading. Our packs can use a forklift to unload the container easily, be able to greatly save labour cost.

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