USA style teardrop racking system.

Gulf Shelving’s Teardrop racking is also called beam rack. It often come out to be heavy duty type and is the most conventional rack.Teardrop racking system can both store multi-veriety goods with small quantity and also unified goods with big quantity. teardrop pallet rack is widely used in high warehouses.

Teardrop racking system also known as beam type rack, it is the most common kind of racks full assembly, in the form of column piece+beam structure, structure concise and effective. The diversity of most simple and effective storage shelves, tie-in forklift work, use convenient tray access mode, suitable for storage of various kinds of goods. The shelves of high turnover is widely used by more and more enterprises.

Teardrop pallet rack bolted upright frame:
Teardrop-pallet-rack-bolted-upright Depth Height Specs capacity Color
36″ 96″ 3″x3″x16ga 12980lbs Green/Blue
36″ 144″ 3″x3″x16ga 12980lbs Green/Blue
36″ 192″ 3″x3″x14ga 21780lbs Green/Blue
36″ 240″ 3″x3″x14ga 21780lbs Green/Blue
42″ 96″ 3″x3″x16ga 12980lbs Green/Blue
42″ 144″ 3″x3″x16ga 12980lbs Green/Blue
42″ 192″ 3″x3″x14ga 21780lbs Green/Blue
42″ 240″ 3″x3″x13ga 21780lbs Green/Blue
42″ 288″ 3″x3″x13ga 21780lbs Green/Blue
48″ 144″ 3″x3″x16ga 12980lbs Green/Blue
48″ 192″ 3″x3″x14ga 21780lbs Green/Blue
48″ 240″ 3″x3″x13ga 27280lbs Green/Blue
48″ 288″ 3″x3″x13ga 27280lbs Green/Blue
Teardrop pallet rack load beam:
load beam Beam length Specs Capacity Color
L=96″ 3.5″x16ga. 3pins 2800lbs Orange
L=96″ 4″x16ga. 3pins 4000lbs Orange
L=96″ 4″x14″ga.3pins 5000lbs Orange
L=96″ 4.5″x16″ga.3pins 5400lbs Orange
L=96″ 5″x16″ga.3pins 6350lbs Orange
L=108″ 4.5″x16″ga.3pins 4000lbs Orange
L=108″ 5″x16″ga.3pins 5000lbs Orange
L120″ 5″x16″ga.3pins 4200lbs Orange
L144″ 6″x15″ga.4pins 5400lbs Orange
L144″ 6″x14″ga.4pins 6000lbs Orange

Teardrop Racking Process:

teardrop racking

Teardrop Racking System Packaging & Shipping: