Customized slotted angle racks for warehouse storage

Gulf Shelving’s Slotted angle racks helps you build an efficient framing system for a variety of uses from machine guards to hand rails.

Slotted angle racks helps you build an effi cient framing system for a variety of uses from machine guards to hand rails.

slotted angle racks is the most versatile, time and cost effective construction material available for building carts,ladders, benches, shelving, cases, racks or any other type of structure. slotted angle racks is fi nished in Gray Powder Coat Enamel or corrosion resistant galvanized fi nish.



  • Scientifi cally designed pattern of holes and slots are perfectly positioned for bolting pieces together at various angles without needing to drill holes.
  • No special tools required but our slotted angle cutter cuts completely through with one fast easy stroke.
  • Prime, cold rolled steel with painted or hot dipped, rust-resistant, galvanized fi nish.
  • Available in 96”, 120” and 144” lengths in 14 gauge and 12 gauge steel.
  • Each standard order includes 75 count box of 5/16” x 5/8” hex cap screws with nuts. These heavy duty bolts and nuts assure a strong structure for years of use.
  • 100% reusable. Even short pieces of angle can be used as a cleat to join together angle lengths into longer ones.
  • Old outmoded structures can be unbolted and reassembled into new ones.

Product Specifications:

Product name SPEC (mm) Thickness (mm) Length Capacity (lbs) Picture
Angle post (Equilateral) 35*35 36*36 37*37 38*38 40*40 1.5-2.0 H24”-144” 1000-3000  1
Angle post (Inequilateral) 60*40 57*37 1.5-2.0 H60”-192” 1500-3500
Shelves (without supporter) 900*300/400/450/600 0.7-1.0 100-200
Shelves (with supporter) 900*300/400/450/600 0.7-1.0 150-350
Corner plate 70*70 0.7
Bolts &nuts M8*16
Base plate

All of our products can be customized, so don’t hesitate to tell us if the specifications above can not meet your requirements.