Very Narrow Aisle Racking

Gulf Shelving’s Very Narrow Aisle Racking systems is a simple variation to conventional adjustable pallet racking where by more pallet positions are created within an area by reducing the width of the aisles between the racks and involves more specialist mechanical handling equipment to retrieve and put away pallets from VNA racking system.

In Very Narrow Aisle Racking , the space separating parallel rack units is greatly reduced, and pallets are placed and retrieved using a side loading fork truck. This minimizes the size of the aisles between rows of racks and can reduce the aisle space by around 40%. These pallet rack systems are available in original slotted or tear drop style columns and can be used at heights of up to 40 feet.

Advances in fork lift trucks that can operate in aisles less than five feet wide have made VNA storage racks possible. The pallet rack systems provide a significant reduction in floor space and generally reduce costs of warehousing.

Pallets in very narrow aisle systems are 100% selective. With VNA systems racking s, access to stock is uncompromised and the amount of product stored in the warehouse is maximized. It is an effective method of increasing pallet storage within a given area.

Columns & Beams: Roll-formed or structural



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