Mobile Shelf and Compactors

·    Platform with adjustable foot caps

·    Foot cap height adjusts up to 30mm

·    Rails are made of 3mm cold rolled steel using laser cut process

·    Industrial wheels–quiet&strong

·    Standard in track anti-tilt mechanism

·    The built-in safety locks for mechanical type cabinets are designed to safeguard users from being accidentally trapped in aisles

·    Heavy duty iron die casting wheels with anti-rust zinc coating

·    Close type front panel that avoids dust

·    Central lock system

Our mechanical wheel type mobile compactor is designed using different gear ratio so that the cabinet can be moved by generally turning the hand wheel.This design minimizes the power to move a large object.Besides,gears and roller chains have been tested for the firmness.This is the reason why we can vouch that our mobile compactor can move much smoother and quieter.